The Carun Story


The Carun food, wellbeing, and cosmetic range is one of the most popular, well known branded hemp goods in the European Union.

Carun is an EU manufacturing and Carun US, LLC trading company offering a wide range of high quality, established products from professionally prepared industrial hemp using the latest technology while maintaining traditional techniques.

All of our products are made with non psychotropic ingredients.

Our products are manufactured in the most stringent pharmaceutical conditions in accordance with ISO 13485.

Quality is guaranteed by the consistency of first-class grown organic and natural ingredients without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Our hemp-based products can be purchased here in United States and European Union from our distributors and resellers. Thanks to the effective action of cannabinoids such as cannabidiol, the products are much more intense than regular commercially available cosmetics.

We are currently counting our regular clients, in tens of thousands, who favor our products and services. Our team is continuously searching for new ways to create goods which have positive effects on individuals through active cannabinoids; not only to be used during acute issues, but also for normal skin as an alternative in today’s toxin-riddled modern world.

Our products are suitable for men and women of all age, do not contain animal ingredients and are not tested on animals, so they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Carun products are likely to be seen at European shops selling nutritious and healthy food, physiotherapy centers, massage parlors, health centers, health stores, pharmacies, at different kinds of e-shops such as Amazon and lately individuals have started selling our products in their own beauty salons and web based stores.

Now distributors have the opportunity to order our products, including the first EU certified Cannabis medical product: All-Purpose Hemp Ointment, whereby its positive benefits for human health are supported by independent clinical study.

If you manage or own a retail store, massage parlor, beauty salon, physiotherapy or any relaxing or recreational facility and would like to stock our products, please contact us directly at or call us at 850-775-4913.

Carun is a registered trademark owned by Carun US, LLC. For the quality and affordability, Carun is the leader of the alternative and healthy life style market.