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Here are their stories.

I have had back and shoulder problems for 20+ years. I have been diagnosed with arthritis throughout my body. After years of various treatments such as injections, radio frequency and all kinds of pharmaceutical pills of which none gave me relief, I am now using Carun 6% Hemp Oil on a daily basis. I have been taking it for four months. It does not take away all my pain, but it is better than anything else I’ve tried over the last 20+ years. It is by far the best anti-inflammatory I have ever used. Unlike pills or powders, it does not aggravate my stomach. I would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from arthritis, stiff swollen joints or strained muscles.

James Watkins

I have suffered from chronic back pain and arthritis in both of my hips and knees for years. I’ve used muscle relaxers and have had several steroid injections. I hate pain pills so I only used them if I couldn’t stand the pain. I recently went to my doctor with sciatic nerve pain in my lower back and both legs. I was asked if I was open to using a homeopathic treatment. I said that I would try anything to ease my pain and help me walk. Fifteen minutes after placing 5 drops of Carun (CBD) Oil under my tongue, I was able to walk across the room without crying out in pain. I couldn’t believe it! I still had some pain but nothing like I had when I went in for my appointment. About an hour after putting the drops under my tongue, I was totally pain-free and able to go shopping. I have continued to use the drops over the past week. I feel like I’m a normal person again! Instead of sitting in the recliner all weekend resting my joints, I am able to do things I used to enjoy with my family. My whole life has changed! My prayer is that anyone and everyone who suffers from pain or anything that affects their daily lives, would learn about and try Carun (CBD) Oil. It’s truly changed my life!


My rheumatoid arthritis doctor recommended this CBD oil to me because of the chronic pain I have. I am allergic to anti-inflammatory medicines, so my only relief is pain pills. My doctor asked me if I was willing to try the CBD oil. I agreed and it’s a lifesaver for me. On top of chronic pain, I also suffer from anxiety and depression. After trying the oil, it has changed my life…I used the other brand drops and they did absolutely nothing for me. I will forever purchase my products from CARUN.

Cindy Waltman Morency

I have been struggling with severe arthritis and debilitating pains since my diagnosis eight years ago. Ever since that point, it was a journey from one medication to another in an attempt to find the one that would help the most, and for the longest period of time. As the years passed, the pain tolerance grew to a point of not knowing anymore what “normal” and pain-free felt like. Any short-term relief was a blessing and required further cocktails of biologics, steroid shots, NSAID’s and other over-the-counter medications. All joints were impacted but the neck and back were the worst, with significant loss of motion due to the excruciating pains.

My doctor, being well aware of my conditions, indicated that he would like to try an experiment during my last visit. He asked if I was open to natural or homeopathic remedies to supplement regular treatment. Having used homeopathic remedies with success in the past, I was certainly open-minded. I was asked to place a few drops of liquid under my tongue and leave it for approximately two minutes. As I was sitting there waiting and not expecting much, I noticed that my headache (which I carried with me all day as a result of my neck pain) disappeared. I immediately assumed this has to be a placebo effect as this is not possible. This seemed very odd and I decided to move my neck in ways that would normally result in excruciating pain. To my amazement, not only was I able to extend my range of motion but the pain was significantly reduced. I was shocked as it could not be possible to have a natural liquid provide relief that quickly. It was astonishing to experience, and I realized that the improved motion in my neck was not an imagination. Within mere minutes I felt significantly better.

My doctor revealed that the liquid was Carun Hemp Oil. He shared with me that it is made from hemp plants grown in a protected landscape area without using pesticides or herbicides, and is 100% natural and organic. It is great to know the level of care that goes into making a product, but it is better to know it works. I have heard of hemp-based products and research indicating its therapeutic benefits. I must confess however that I have always dismissed such information based on my misunderstanding of Hemp Oil and the assumed stigma surrounding these products. Had it not been for my doctor educating me about the reality of the compositions and benefits, and had he not shared Carun Hemp Oil with me in this very real and personal experiment, I would have never been exposed to something that can truly make a difference.

Best part: it is all natural! No chemicals, no harsh pharmaceuticals, just what nature provided!

K. Kummer

Love, love, love… I would recommend Carun 100%. The Hemp Soap and Face Cream are awesome!

Tracy NeSmith

While I was at my appointment with my doctor, I was experiencing problems with light-headedness to the point that I was having trouble standing or walking. My doctor went and got a bottle of something, put the liquid under my tongue, and told me to hold it there for 120 seconds. I closed my eyes and began counting. After I finished counting, I opened my eyes and everything seemed extra clear. The colors were brighter, my head was no longer dull and foggy, and the light-headedness had gone away. An added bonus is that I had some knee and shoulder pain when I went in for my appointment, but all of a sudden it had subsided. He told me the substance he gave me was called CBD, specifically Carun Hemp Oil, and it is an over-the-counter substance that I can purchase at a health foods store.

I am going now to purchase this Carun Hemp Oil so I can have more balance and clarity in my life.

Michele Blunt

The office is like walking into a sterile hospital area. So clean and inviting. The young man who assisted me was so professional and knows his products. I have been taking the oil for about a month and have mobility in my left arm that I have not had in over 2 years. Rarely any pain in it now. I also seem to be sleeping better as well. I have noticed that I no longer have to take heartburn preventatives and yesterday I took ibuprofen for the first time in a week or so for a weather-related headache. I have referred several to you. As a matter of fact, friends I had lunch with today in Georgia placed an order over the phone a few minutes ago.

Carol Farriba

Great Products! Great service and knowledge. It’s amazing to be able to find these items here in PCB.

JL Simms

1st dose [CBD] and pain-free from neuropathy. Dustin is the man! I hope this continues to work. All natural and no hidden ingredients. Thank you so much! Lifetime customer.

Candice LeAnn Hunt

Wonderful products and friendly, knowledgeable people. We have loved every product we have tried and the results are amazing. We highly recommend them.

Ginny Craven Hurley

I have had spinal surgery and FULL body pain for the past 15 years. 3 surgeries, physical therapy, massage therapy and many prescriptions. Numerous doctors with several diagnoses. I was referred to my rheumatologist by my primary care doctor. I truly thought – here goes another failed visit. After extensive blood work, CT scan and bone density scan, he found nothing. My pain in my hips, back and hand were at a level 7 at least.

He came in with a small bottle of oil, put several drops under my tongue and told me to wait 2 minutes. My hand was better in about 3 minutes and he came in and asked how I felt – I was really feeling better by then. He explained the drops were CBD – Cannabidiol. It is totally natural. Right now, about 30 minutes after putting the oil under my tongue, I am in NO PAIN! This is the first time in 15 years I have not had any pain. I take 3 pain pills every day without complete relief. I wake up at night with pain even after a sleeping pill. For the first time in years, I might be able to stop the horrible cycle of pain and drugs. I truly can’t believe this – TOTALLY AMAZING! A huge thank you to the doctors and research that developed this miracle. Thank you to my doctor for saving my life!

Amy Hill

Carun CBD oil is truly a miracle in a bottle! I use it to combat thyroid cancer, for anxiety, ADD, menstrual symptoms, pain in general and energy. I’m a mess I know, but Carun CBD oil has changed my life, I am so chill now, and I’m able to focus and get things done. For example, I can be on the verge of passing out, no energy at all, I’ll take a couple drops under my tongue and in 10 minutes flat I have enough energy to clean my 2,800 sq ft home in 3 hours and energy to spare. I had horrible brain fog which hindered my ability to focus, it’s gone. I am a more productive person. I’ve taken it when on my monthly cycle. I went from crying my eyes out for no reason whatsoever, and cramping like crazy, to feeling great in ten minutes.

I recently had my second surgery for thyroid cancer and the 3% CBD oil killed my pain better than the hydrocodone I was prescribed. I’ve tried other CBD brands, spent and wasted a lot of money because none that I have tried can compare to Carun CBD oil. They’re about to start selling 6% CBD oil and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. It’s worth every penny, I no longer take prescription drugs, and I feel great! Thank you Carun!

Christie Cardenas

I love the outdoors, but I hate how the sun ages and dries out my skin so badly. After using the Body and Skin Hemp Oil, my skin is so soft and it feels amazing! The all natural ingredients blend right into my skin leaving it glowing, not at all greasy like I get from other oils. I can’t wait to try some of the other products!

Renee Rowan

I wasn’t expecting such fast results. I was pleasantly surprised. Yesterday was my first day taking Cannabidiol and I’ve already noticed a difference. Yesterday before the first dose I was suffering from a headache that I usually wake up with daily. After taking the first 5 drops my headache was gone within 30-45 minutes. Took the second dose before bed. Guess what, Didn’t wake up with a headache this morning! Oh and the best part..absolutely ZERO anxiety yesterday! No panic attacks either! I can’t wait to keep taking CBD and see how else my life improves.

Jessica Holcomb

Amazing product! I have been using it since before the store opening on myself and my son! The store is beautiful inside and everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Jessica Singleton

My husband has been an auto-body repair technician for over 30 years, and as such spends most of his day on his knees on a concrete floor. This has resulted in excruciating knee pain. He has been to Orthopedics, Chiropractors and pain management doctors. Countless x-rays and MRI’s. The only remedy they had was opiates. More and more as time went on. The side effects of the opiates began to be worse than the pain they were supposed to relieve.

We stopped by the Carun store while in Panama City after Christmas 2016 and decided to give the Hemp Oil a try. It works so well that my husband hasn’t had to take an opiate pain reliever since. The pain has lessened so that he can now get by with just Tylenol or Ibuprofen while taking the hemp oil drops twice a day. All the side effects of the opiates are subsiding and he is truly much better in health and mind. This was a life changer for us. Thank you so much Carun for providing this product and shipping me refills when needed.

Teresa Holder

Was I skeptical at first? Yes, but because Crystal Bortl is my niece and I have trust and a solid relationship with her and her husband Patrik, I had an open mind about Carun. Over the past year, Patrick and his team have been tirelessly bringing this company to the US for you, the consumer. They have shared with me many samples of the products and I have been using them in my own home and with my family. And “Wow” is all I can say! I love, love love them!!! My personal favorites are the skin cream, mouthwash, baby ointment and the stuff you sprinkle on salads. I would like to share a little about me.

First, I am a grandma and I take that very seriously, so I would not put anything on my baby grandson that would harm him. I have personally used the baby ointment on a face rash, bug bites, scratches and diaper rash and have witnessed amazing results.

Secondly, I am a licensed Cosmetologist for over 30 years and have seen hundreds of hair and skin products come and go and Carun holds it’s own as a top contender for one of the best and I am positive it will last!

Thirdly, I am a devout Christian as I serve, teach and participate in my Church and live a lifestyle that honors God, my family, and my community. So, I wouldn’t do anything that alters my mind, body or soul. As with many other religions, they also honor the clarity of their mind, health of the body and witness to others. So, with all that being said I wholeheartedly trust these products to use in your home and with your family, friends and loved ones. This is a lesson to not judge a book by its cover!

Karma Cooper

I have been using the soap and the skin cream for my face for a year and I absolutely love it. It’s a really great feeling on my skin…Great for sensitive skin.

Nina Gregor

The seeds are great. The soap is nice. Trying the CBD oil now as it has more potency than the seeds. I am experiencing much less pain in my hip and sciatic nerve. I am growing less facial hair and my skin is softer. Blood sugar levels are holding steady. I am thrilled! Plus I wake up alert and happy! Thank you a lot!!!!!!!!

Leah Turk

I’ve been using the CBD oil for just about 3 days now and can already see improvement with the bursitis in my hip along with other body aches and pains. Thank you!

Teri Lyn Baskett

Wonderful customer service and the products work!!

Alaina Green

I have had a nervous tremor in my hands and mouth for several years. In the last year, this has worsened tremendously. Today, my doctor placed 10 drops of 6% Carun Hemp Oil under my tongue. I held this for several minutes and then swallowed the solution. My doctor returned in approximately 15 to 20 minutes. In holding my hand out, turned upward, my tremors were reduced by almost 80-90%. Also, my tremors occur in my mouth at times. My doctor had observed the same results with the tremors in my mouth. I will, without any reservation, try this product to improve and maybe prevent my tremors in the future years.

Thomas A. Marshall

Hands down absolute best product I have ever used!!

Jessica Leigh Ann Nold

I have been using Carun CBD oil for 8 months. I noticed an immediate improvement in quality of sleep, nerve pain decrease, as well as improvement in my fibromyalgia symptoms. I plan to continue using the CBD oil as part of the overall management of my symptoms.


Amazing results from Carun!!! We treated our newborn’s cradle cap and baby acne with a Carun’s all-purpose baby ointment and saw results within 2 days. I highly recommend their amazing products to anyone.

Juan Martinez

I have the ointment. I use it on everything from insect bites for the kids or myself, dry skin, cuticles and I’ve even used it after my tattoo has healed for extra moisturizing. I also had an unusual itchy bump on my back that I usually would have seen a dermatologist about…but I used this twice daily for 2 weeks and it totally disappeared! Love this product and it has lasted a good amount of time! Thank you!!

Breann Ward

My 8 year old daughter gets mosquito bites on her legs. They swell and itch a lot. The only thing I had on hand was the Carun baby ointment cream. I put it on the bites and the swelling went down and they stopped itching almost immediately! I was so impressed, I recommend their product!

Lisa Marie Junod

Since being introduced to Carun’s products, I simply cannot see myself using anything else. On a daily basis, I use the shower gel, body & skin oil and face cream. I have always had “chicken skin,” or keratosis pilaris, on my upper arms and spent a lot of time researching to find a good product to use on it but eventually gave up and came to terms with the fact that it was just something that wasn’t going to go away. After about a week of using the body wash and body & skin oil, I noticed the bumps on my arm begin to get smaller and smaller. There are countless lotions/body washes that I’ve tried over the years and not a single one has given me the results that Carun has! I just can’t go a day without using Carun now, it’s become a part of my routine every morning and every night.

Carun’s food products are literally as amazing as their cosmetics, I try to incorporate them into every dish I make. I religiously use the hemp cooking oil, it’s similar to olive oil but with a mild nutty taste to it (honestly, I think it tastes better than olive oil). I’ve used the oil to cook chicken, ground turkey, fish, sauté and roast vegetables and the list just goes on and on. I’ve yet to find something that doesn’t pair well with the cooking oil. I also use the hemp pasta almost every time I’m cooking a pasta dish, it takes almost a third of the time to cook compared to regular pasta and has an amazing taste!

I believe I have tried every product Carun has to offer and there truly isn’t anything negative I could say about them. Carun has been around for years, I still cannot believe it has just now been brought to the US. I’d recommend Carun to anyone; whether you have a skin condition or perfect skin, you will be impressed time after time with how your skin looks and feels!

Scotty Edge

I went to Carun yesterday because my daughter has chronic back pain, nerve damage, and other issues. Her pain level for years has never been on a scale from 1 to 10 about a 7. I bought her the oil and the cream and she tried it yesterday, within about 15 maybe 20 minutes her pain level was only at 3. It was really amazing. Thank you Patrick and Crystal for your help and Dustin is so nice and professional. Very nice people and a beautiful place.

Robin Prater

As a massage therapist and skin care specialist I am always on the lookout for great products to use on my clients and myself. I have used the Carun Massage oil blend for massages and it is amazing. It has a pleasant aroma and excellent consistency and is great for the skin: not greasy, doesn’t cause breakouts like some oils can, and invigorates tired achy muscles! The owner and his wife also introduced me to the bar soap and it cleared my heat rash immediately! Awesome products, and very knowledgeable, kind owners.

Arika Stiles

I wandered into the store here in Panama City Beach, FL out of curiosity. I ended up leaving with the soap, body, and skin oil and seeds. I put about 5 drops of the oil in my shampoo and in just 1 week, my scalp psoriasis is reduced by about 30%. I have tried so many different products but when my hair started falling out 2 months ago, I began getting worried. I’ve had less hair loss this week also (although I have had some weeks with less hair loss in the past so time will tell if this is just a good week or the result of this product). #HempForHealth Love the products!. My husband is also taking several products for his health and cancer.

Jeanette Windsor-Dunigan

I love all of the Carun products! I use the skin cream every day! The ointment is amazing and helps heal cuts fast. I also use the oil for my legs, elbows, and hair! Carun skin cream has helped me with my eczema and not to mention its fragrance-free which I’m very happy about since I have very sensitive skin. Great products and great staff.

Jamie Hewitt

I started with the [All-Purpose Ointment] and I was amazed. In less than 24 hours my cut was healed. I went back and purchased the shower gel and face cream. Love the hemp seeds in my Greek yogurt. Amazing products makes you healthier inside and out!

Debi Shortz Bibb

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